Bus Door Production-line Automation

It is an Intranet Production-line automation solution which facilitates production core task and management task. The system helps the production process to increase production rate, minimize error and provide easier manageability. It is designed to maximum efficiency and to achieve reliable and quality production process and ensure the assembly process runs according to the design.

It works as an extension of a running ERP system named Microsoft Navision. Our solution, named as ChaloIS, covers 4 major departments like Engineering, Suppliers Portal, Inventory Pick and Assembling. It eliminates a lot of paper works that was previously performed by them.

For a particular Order, it automates:
Order collection from Navision system → Task breakdown, creating task library, Part-list drawing → Suppliers portal → Tracking Inventory Pick Process → Tracking Assembly Progress.


  • Production order release management
  • Generates pick orders and assembly orders
  • Communicating with data server to keep up on-demand data flowing
  • Giving access to the engineering team to organize TIR(Task and inspection report)
  • Real time production status dashboard for large screen display
  • Tracking sales orders release process
  • Provide real time report for the different levels of management
  • Touch enabled feature for the production stuffs to speed up working process

Ventura Systems is a manufacturer of door systems for buses, trams and metro having it’s headquarter in The Netherlands that delivers products worldwide to many renowned manufacturers of vehicles mainly for use in public transport systems.
Website: http://www.venturasystems.com/