Transcription Service

         Regular Transcription - $10 per hour

         Hard-to-Hear Tapes a Specialty

         Audio and Text Conversion to any Format

         High Speed Mono Tape Duplication - $10 per tape

         Medical and Legal Transcription - $15 per hour

         Real Audio, MP3 & Video Encoding - $20 per hour of material

         Americans with Disabilities Act Services Available


Our transcription rates are $10 per hour of typing, proofreading and administrative time for regular material and $12-15 per hour for legal and medical material.

The number of hours required to do a job depends on the clarity of the material and the amount of specialized terminology used.

Broadcast-quality material takes less time to transcribe. Hard-to-hear material takes longer to transcribe.

Greenledge Transcription will take on difficult and non-standard material to transcribe. We will work for as long as your budget allows us to get the best transcript possible.

When we receive material, we immediately check it for clarity and transcription difficulty, and we provide an estimated price and turnaround time before we start any job.

Dense material with a lot of technical, business, financial or computer terms usually takes between seven and eight hours of work per hour of audio. Focus groups with multiple participants and overlapping conversations may take 10 hours per hour of audio to transcribe and proofread.

Broadcast-quality material usually results in 100% accurate transcripts. Lesser quality audio results in a decline of accuracy, but with extra effort, we can generally achieve 98% accuracy or better on most material.

We also do a better job than anyone else with hard-to-hear material.

Our rates include proofreading and fast turnaround times. Our philosophy is to provide a manuscript-quality finished product rather than the industry-standard "rough draft."


Greenledge  Transcripts can digitize and encode your audio or video into any number of formats to stream from Web sites, broadcast over intranets, or play back from CDs, VCDs and CD-ROMs.

We convert audio and video into the three major formats, Real Media, Windows Media and MPEG (MP3 for audio, MPEG-1 for video). The material we encode includes conferences, speeches, investor calls, training tapes, radio shows and more for such clients as ....

Our prices for digitizing and encoding are some of the lowest on the Web. The cost for audio and video encoding is $20 per hour of material . For audio, this price includes digitizing, editing, compressing and encoding. For video, this price is for straight digitizing and encoding. Video editing costs extra.

In addition, we can burn your audio to a music CD, which will play on any CD player, and we can burn your video to a Video CD, which will play on any computer with a CD drive and most DVD players being sold today. Feel free to ask us for prices for your particular needs.


A growing area for us is restoring poorly recorded and hard-to-hear audio, which we became expert at as part of our forensic transcription work. We can digitally boost low volume recordings, eliminate electrical hums, reduce hiss, equalize voices and reduce echoes and background noises.

We can deliver the restored audio on a cassette, on an audio CDs, or on a CD-ROM as WAVs, MP3s, Real Audio or Windows Media files.

Please keep in mind that while not every tape can be saved, we might be able to turn a flawed recording into something that is audible and usable, or be able to extract a transcription from it.

Contact or e-mail us for details. There is no charge for a tape we cannot improve.


Greenledge Transcripts has gained a reputation for being able to convert data from one format to another. Whether it's audio into text, text into databases, analog to digital and back again to analog, we are ready to discuss your data conversion needs.

Some of the conversions we've done recently include repurposing interactive CD-ROMs into Websites, transcribing interviews directly into databases, and archiving teleconference calls onto audio CDs. We have also done captioning work for the deaf and have worked to redesign Websites to comply with the American with Disabilities Act.

Since we're willing to consider whatever conversion process you may have, please feel free to call Bala, for further information.


If you need cassette copies of your tape, we can duplicate them with our high-speed tape duplicator. A copy of a tape can be made within six minutes. Copies are slightly softer than their originals, so we recommend only good quality tapes be duplicated in this fashion. The price is $2 per cassette copy with volume discounts available. Contact us,  for further information.